Setting better boundaries builds stronger relationships
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A successful relationship is composed of two individuals each with a clearly defined sense of her or his own identity. Without our own understanding of self, of whom we are and what makes us unique, it is difficult to engage in the process of an ongoing relationship in a way that functions smoothly and enhances each individual. We need a sense of self in order to clearly communicate our needs, and desires to others. When we have a good sense of our own identity we can appreciate and love those qualities in others that make them a unique person.

One feature of a healthy sense of self is the way we understand and work with boundaries. Personal boundaries are the limits we set in relationships that allow us to protect ourselves. Boundaries come from have a good sense of our own self-worth. They make it possible for us to separate our own thoughts and feelings from those of others and to take responsibility for what we think, feel and do.

Boundaries are flexible – they allow us to get close to others when it is appropriate and to maintain our distance when we might be
harmed by getting too close. Good boundaries protect us from hurt and pave the way to achieving true intimacy.

In sum, they help us take care of ourselves.

What are Unhealthy boundaries in Relationships?

 – Feeling incomplete without our partner
 – Relying on your partner for your happiness
 – Inability to establish and maintain friendships with others
 – Focus on the worst qualities of the others
 – Feeling unable to express what is wanted

What are Healthy boundaries in Relationship?

  – Feeling like you are your own person.
  – Feeling responsible for our own happiness.
  – Open, honest and assertive communication.
  – Respecting the differences in others
  – Accepting changes in the relationship
  – Asking honestly for what is wanted.

Learning to have healthy boundaries is an exciting adventure, and an exercise in personal liberation. It means coming to know ourselves and increasing our awareness of what we stand for. It also means self-acceptance and knowing that we are OK as we are and worthy of the good things in life.

While the above information is effective for many, it may help others to get help from a Personal and Professional

Development Coach like myself in order to help you in creating solid boundaries and to make you accountable and move you forward in your life.


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