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Professional development

There are many reasons why I love that Thoreau quote. The main reason is that it is usually true.  Even the powerful executives, business owners, and professionals that I coach have that “quiet desperation,” for it drives them. And that song.  We all know the song. Don’t we?

Most of my clients have a great adventure brewing right below the surface. An exhilarating personal or professional journey that’s been gnawing at them for years. They know it’s there, yet they don’t have a complete picture of what it is, or a roadmap showing them how to get there. They seek me out to help them with:

Personal and Career Coaching:

Personal and career coaching development of your vision and geared towards your career choice and direction.

Business Coaching:

Executive leadership coaching with a focus on empowerment, and delegation. While management and employees both benefit, the bottom line business goals are the number one priority.

Coaching Supervision:

Obtain professional coaching supervision coaching support via collaborative learning for your benefit and her or his client.

Mentor Coaching:

Get mentor coaching to help you reach the competency level required to pass the International Coach Federation credentialing exam.

No matter who my clients are, I let them know that they are the first and best expert capable of solving their own problems and achieving their own ambitions. My job is to help them to reconfigure or reboot their way of defining their issue, of considering the problem, or of visioning an ambition.

Moty Koppes has the knowledge, experience and clinical expertise to know when I am ‘smoking my own socks’ and the integrity to call me on it. She is someone that I trust to assist me and my organization to navigate the treacherous waters of a growing business concern with a strong ego at the helm.

Michael Demoratz, PhD, President/CEO

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Moty Koppes is a certified master coach providing you with personal development, life coaching, relationship coaching, communication skills, personal power, life balance, career coaching, productivity enhancement, executive coaching and stress reduction in Newport Beach, Orange County, Southern California.