The Essentials of Self-Esteem
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The way the world treats us is greatly influenced by the way we see ourselves.

When our feelings about ourselves are positive, we show others that we like and value ourselves – and then others tend to treat us well. But when we have negative feelings about ourselves, we are too critical, complaining and pessimistic; others tend to take this attitude towards us as well. How we treat ourselves helps determine how others will likely treat us.

The thoughts we have about ourselves, and how we define ourselves, contribute to our self-image. The feelings we have about these thoughts, whether these feeling are good or bad, are the building blocks of our self-esteem.

Many of us are wounded, in one way or another; by the way we were treated as we grew up. As adults it becomes our responsibility to put closure on the damage inflicted on us by others and to move on with our lives in a healthy way.

We have the ability to change our negative self-esteem tendencies and to replace them with self-nurturing, self-encouraging, and self-enhancing behavior. When we begin to treat ourselves in a positive way, others pick up on our cues and respond to us in the special way we all deserve.

Techniques for creating positive self-esteem
1. Examine your unrealistic expectations
2. Accept the fact that history cannot be changed
3. Reflect on the good experiences in your life
4. Set positive goals for the future

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