How to take control of your career in these turbulent times
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Many people feel they need to take control of their careers, but they don’t know where to begin.

In this issue I would like to show you some guidelines on how you can make your career mean business, whether you are just starting out, making a move within your current organization, or are forced to change careers entirely.

1. Succeeding in a new environment:

Each time some aspect of your business environment changes, your career is affected, and you need to reassess your strategies for success. Correctly assessing altered landscape greatly improves your opportunities for that success.

As a first step, examine the new terrain and understand why it evolved, then probe more deeply by asking the following questions:

· How does my role now relate to the efforts of others?
· What are the requirements of my position? To what
extent have these changed?
· What are the gaps to address in this environment?
· What are some of the more compelling challenges or
problems to be solved?

You could also define what success meant in your former environment and what it means in your current situation. Seeing the distinction will help you determine the changes you need to make.

2. Face challenges and seek new opportunities:
Opportunities occur when you recognize and ally yourself with changes in your company’s needs, values, culture, and daily operations. Recognizing an opportunity usually requires knowledge beyond your company.Steps you can take to seize an opportunity:
· Expand your network to increase your knowledge base.
· Enroll in professional or trade associations.
· Develop a relationship with a mentor.
· Offer to cross–train inside and outside your
3. Find a balanced perspective:

As a professional in today’s changing and demanding world, you don’t want to perform a juggling act; you want to perform a balancing act. Why? Because work/life balance impacts every aspect of your existence, especially in the current business environment. You must balance competing priorities from all areas of your life. This whole-life person orientation is important because your competence and job performance are impacted by factors far beyond the workplace.

By planning for, recognizing, incorporating, and managing changes in crucial life areas, you can fulfill your needs and create a sense of balance that promotes personal and professional excellence every day. Following is a list of benefits that come with assessing your

work/life balance:

· Clearer Goals and new positive behaviors.
· Forward momentum.
· Healthier, more productive habits.
· Enhanced leadership abilities.

By applying the above three principles, you can rev up, revitalize, or renew your career beginning anytime you choose, whatever your profession. Indeed, through lifelong learning and clear communication both with yourself and with others, you can create an environment that allows you to evolve to your highest level.

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