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“Moty has been an invaluable resource to me as I struggled with difficult issues regarding my career and my personal life. It has been work, but she is an excellent leader and partner in self-discovery, and through her efforts I face the demands on my time with a renewed clarity and sense of purpose.
I admit I came into life coaching with a bit of skepticism, since I am a private person by nature. But working with Moty I’ve become an evangelist for how effective coaching can be if you have the right coach. I have recommended Moty to several of my friends, and I always do so knowing that I am doing them a favor.”
Noah Kennedy, Entrepreneur & Concerned Citizen

“Moty is a compassionate listener with a gift for uncovering and understanding life and business challenges. Moty is a coaching partner that provides you with great tools and sound guidance to take your life and career to the next level. Being educated and qualified as both a life and business coach working with Moty is a signature of success. Highly recommended! A++”
Joseph Brodski, Global Sales Manager, Sales Guru, CCNA

“I worked with Moty Koppes and will be retaining her again after the summer. I needed some assistance to reinvigorate my perspective, focus, and implementation in relation to my business. Moty facilitated a process that allowed me to do just that. She also has a knack for gently pointing out key areas in me or my business that I can do much better in. Thank you, Moty!”
Linda L. Wallace MBA, CLU, ChFC, RN, Financial Planning, Investment Advisory Services, and Insurance Planning: Life, Disability, Long Term Care

“I worked with Moty on helping me out finding balance between my personal and professional life. I am a wife, mother of two, and an owner of 2 companies. Work was on my mind 24/7 (and sometimes still is,) but with Moty’s help I was able to find balance and enjoy my family time again without worrying about completing a project or returning a phone call.

Moty walked me through the process, step by step… her amazing support and great interaction were the key in helping me succeed and enjoy every day as a wife, mother and business owner.

If you are struggling finding balance, you should hire Moty. Don’t resist or procrastinate because you are missing out on every great moment.”
Manal Richa, Marketing strategies, social media management, blogging, email marketing, training

“Moty Koppes is an extraordinary coach who helps people find their true passion and align it with their skills. Her clients achieve more than they thought possible by making major breakthroughs in their lives. Guided by her coaching, people have discovered a life-fulfilling purpose, improved their health, and found the ideal career. I’ve known Moty for many years and she continues to impress me with her work, her commitment, and her empathy.”
Steve Kaye, Steve Kaye Photography

“I began my work with Moty as I transitioned from a full time entreprenuer to a flex time Momtrepenuer. Moty helped me define priorities, manage time and access a myriad of resources along the way. She’s sharp, well-networked and inspirational. Anyone would benefit from spending time with Moty. She amps up personal and professional performance.”
Linsly Donnelly, Founder & GM at SmartFeed

“Moty is a wonderful person of integrity and boldness. She did a great job of coaching a group of professional males through an advanced career transitioning course, managing a diverse set of talents and personal needs.”
Patrick Daigh, Equipment Financing & Leasing, Project Financing at First National Capital Corporation

“Moty is an excellent listener and observer who has the perfect knack to discern the challenges and opportunities that I need to address to enhance my personal and professional life. She engenders your trust quickly creating the foundation for a valuable and productive coaching relationship.”
Rob Lee, Software Engineer 3 at ARRIS Advanced Technology

“Moty has been extremely helpful in helping me gain a clear understanding of my strength and weakness, and has helped me focus on a career path that I know I will find very rewarding.”
Brenda Whitesides, Professional HR/ Training OD/Performance

“When I entered into my coaching relationship with Moty, I was seeking happiness from external sources. Moty has helped me find fulfillment within by helping me create a strong personal foundation and seek the quality of life I desire.”
Laura Davick, CEO of Crystal Cove Alliances

“After 7 minutes with Coach Moty, I walked away with 5 specific solutions that I easily implemented to resolve a time challenge I was having in my company. Not only did she understand the human aspect of my issue, she also had a high level of understanding of my business side. Those 7 minutes created an extra hour a day in my schedule.”
Sabrina Gibson, CEO

“I cannot begin to tell you how Moty has changed my life. Within the first month, her coaching had a massive, positive impact in both my professional and private life.Through all of her education and experience, she is able to ask the right questions to help me understand the bigger picture. I really value her opinion and to me she is sage. Over time, my decision-making process has become more decisive and thorough. If you have a moment, I would highly recommend at least speaking to her… I am confident that in 30 minutes you will know if she can help you.”
Judi Woodhouse, Owner of Procurus Inc.

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