How to manage your stress level during these stressful times
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I beleive stress is nothing more than a self-trained response we have developed in dealing with problems and uncomfortable situations. Getting rid of stress can be quick and easy, but only if we allow ourselves to change the response. Changing a behavior or trained response, however, is very difficult for most of us.

Stress is learned. We learn it from our environment and from other people in our lives. However, we must accept the fact that we give it to ourselves.
We allow it into our lives. But if we allow it in, we can likewise let it go out.

To eliminate stress before it creates an illness is difficult for most of us because it involves change. Even though we can feel the effects of stress in our body, our mind does not seek ways of eliminating stress. The trained response of feeling stress has become normal to the body.

Sensing stress, we might decide to take a vacation or do some relaxing activity to calm the stress, but we don’t change the cause. The body uses illness to warn us that there is unchecked stress, but our awareness is usually of the illness, not of the underlying stress, its cause, and so we treat the illness and not the stress itself.

There are many causes of stress. We can trace the majority of their stress to problems with money, love, or sex. Why? Because we become so attached to life style rather than to life itself!

How to identify your stress – response pattern:

  • Pay attention to our attention: Do you have difficulty maintaining the focus and energy applied to your personal and professional life?
  • Pay attention to your mood, and to your stamina.
  • Listen to your body. Do you experience headaches, back pain, dizziness?

When you have learned to recognize your stress level is getting too high, you can take steps to control it before it takes control of you.

Here are steps to help you keep stress in check:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise
  • Eat a balanced diet containing plenty of food and vegetables
  • Avoid negative expectations

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