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I believe this is a critical question we need to ask ourselves. We live in a time where many, if not most of us, do not accept responsibility for our own lives. We blame everyone and everything for the way we feel and behave in everyday life.

“The power in life – the ‘Who is in charge of life’ – the best we can hope to do is to take charge of our attitude. In the 1970, the Andrew Carnegie Foundation funded the largest research study ever done to determine what make a successful individual. They surveyed more than 300,000 people in four employment sectors – business, industry, education and government.The findings speak for themselves. It was found that only 7% of your success is determined by the knowledge you have, only 12% by the skills you possess, and 81% of your success is determined by your attitude.

You might ask, what is attitude?

Attitude is a way of looking at life. It is a belief system, an “angle “ on life, a way of looking at issues, such as the meaning in life, personal power, the choices that we have, and what makes our lives meaningful and rich. This belief system, much more than the events that happen to us, determines what kind of life we will create for ourselves, what kind of emotional and spiritual life we will experience, and how we will cope with what life presents.

Remember when you are at the lowest of possible emotions, when you have the worst possible attitude – fear, anxiety, depression, powerlessness and despair – you attract to you circumstances and events which support you in being fearful, anxious, depressed, etc. I doubt you’d call this a formula of success.

Here are some attitudes that will guarantee your success in life:  Gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, joy, bliss, excitement, enthusiasm, passion and the like.

Take charge. Take responsibility for your life.  Believe in the power that is in you. Do not give away that power to others.Also, just mouthing “positive” words won’t make all things better. Have the awareness to see how you might be keeping yourself a slave through your own attitude. Have the awareness to see what is beautiful in life. You can help what you feel and what you think.

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